I like writing about my life’s happenings. I don’t like describing myself. I had to fill out a 50th High School Reunion questionnaire, it worked pretty well with them. Answering descriptive questions about yourself. Fairly lame unless you’re really creative. You’ll receive the same:

Three Adjectives to Describe you: Selfishly stubborn yet generous to a fault.
Did I mention delightfully clever?

Military: Always cheered for the Americans.

Spouse: Had one once. Not now.

Where Lived/Traveled:¬†Lived/Worked-St.Croix, Germany, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Georgia…..Traveled:USA, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands,Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Britain,Nassau, Bimini, Andros, St.Maarten, St.John, and St. Lucia.

Jobs/Career: PlantShop/Convenience Store/Bars/Restaurants/Spiritual Sales/Graphic Design,  Newspaper and Magazine Writing, Editing, and Publishing.

Volunteer Work: I don’t volunteer to work. I have to work, and happy to be able.

Passions/Hobbies: Passions: the future, altered history, electronic dance music, swing, bebop jazz, Randall Bramblett and Sea Level. Hobbies: guitar, photography, assembling graphics.

Last/Favorite Movie: “The Martian”

Last/Favorite Book: Anything by Laurence Shames

Favorite QUOTE: “I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying.”

Latest/Greatest Accomplishment: Too numerous to list. having a son ranks right up there!

Bullet Dodged: Never having to grow up.

Road Not Taken: Too few to consider.

Best Advice: Don’t give advice.

There, that’s me in a nutshell. Want to know more? ( I understand if you don’t. Time is at a premium, and there is just so much to know.) I have a whole lot of island and personal history that I’m more than willing to share. Later. H