Why I Blog

Why do I blog? Why does anyone blog? I have solid reasoning behind blogging. At least in my mind. Here’s why:

1)because I  seemed to always be writing, and sometimes for a living. It was 1955 and I had already written a Spring Street Elementary School “classic”..“How A Rock Becomes Soil.” A crushing story..a passion pit of real dirt…illustrated by the author. Don’t remember how many copies sold (Yes I do… I still have the one and only.)

Mrs. Flanders, my fourth grade St. Simons Elementary teacher, wanted  the class to, in their own words, write about her 1957 Summer vacation in Europe slides that we watched for two days (that I remember. There could have been more…so many slides). Shocker, I really enjoyed the writing process. I knew two things: 1)Europe looked really cool, even through Mrs. Flanders’ eyes….. I knew I would go in my own future: and 2) This writing about what you see, feel, or digest interests me, maybe I’ll try it again.

And I have: partner, co-publisher for 5 years at Coastyle Quarterly (1994-1997) an early glossy mag about our area-style.Came out quarterly…hence the name.

Evidently, I decided quarterly wasn’t enough……I’m still talking publishing and writing here. Get out of the gutter, even though, you’re close. But I digress……with the same partner  created, published, and edited golden isles WEEKEND, a weekly news publication that was actually readable, unlike what we are offered today. We were often described as a cross between NPR and Creative Loafing and offered the sole liberal voice, which, checking back on our history, was usually right. WEEKEND was published from 1997 until 2007, when I decided to go back to more livable schedule, managing and tending the pub at Palm Coast in the Village (2007-2012). I had forgotten two things: 1) I don’t like drinking  and 2) I hate cleaning up after others at 2AM anywhere.

To escape the grind, I started WeeklyRead, a monthly mag featuring local history along with informative and just downright quirky offerings. If you missed it, you’re bad (as you would say after delivering an errant toss)………..you’ll probably have more chances….my archives runneth over.

2) because I have lived on St. Simons for a large slice of my 67 years. I have written about “future” problems, years ago, that we now face head-on. Better understanding is needed in problems that will reach the critical category yesterday. Arm yourself with a little knowledge, you’re going to need it.

3) because everyone needs a grumpy writer to get the right “airs” on. I have seen changes that would have made your hair fall out too.

4) to offer our local coastal history in an easy digestive capsule form… perfect for our no-time for anything world, and in a delightful assortment of natural flavoring.

I look forward to tossing words in the “air” and seeing just where they go.     Harry

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