Nothing adds a little zest to life more than a jolt of relevance. Chest swells with relevance. Smiles are wider. Thoughts are calmer. Everything jells. Your life has meaning. Your life has relevance.

The young are relevant because their whole world takes in an area not much larger than their aura. Life as they know it, really doesn’t exist outside this spectre-space. The world revolves around them…. hell, as far as they know, they are the world.

Ah, the teenage years. The teen feels they are relevant because of their friend-group with whom they hang. Now those tiny auras are combined into sort of a rolling thunder of auras. Moving like a storm cell, destroying much of what’s in their path, this group can be witnessed first hand Halloween weekends on St. Simons as they prepare for a four-day binge, culminating with some football game in Jacksonville.

The adult grasps at relevancy with their cute kids or their position in life. With family responsibilities moving to the head of the line, the only relevance you need is that from your children or your spouse. Yes, you are relevant if you are the subject of the latest berating from those love-of-your-lifes.

The mature among us, unless there are roads or bridges in your name, really begin to wonder where your relevance went. The world moves faster as age slows you down. What was once understood, is now a mystery. Facts you once lived by have been replaced by new facts you don’t really understand. At least the more mature can head their walker over to the computer station and play Solitaire till that 4pm dinner hour. Relevance hones in on the fact that there may be an open room soon, and that room could just be yours.

Relevance, from being a kid on St. Simons in the mid-1950s, is the same for that kid on St. Simons 60 years later…….St. Simons is my relevance. It is that central core of purpose and achievement. You don’t end up here by mistake. To some it takes a life’s labor to afford the island. Some have been handed family property and savings, and happily reside here. Some are just passing through, affording the island life by servicing…..with a meal or a drink or a tour…..during the real season. One must be very creative in being able to live on the island. less people less jobs less opportunities. All calls for more relative creativity.

This past weekend all islanders’ (and fellow countrymen’s, as far as that goes) relevance was put in question. Could something as simple as a think tank group assembling on the  big, rich “Island” bring on such a dire feeling of irrelevance?          I have never seen as many private multi-million dollar corporate and private jets lined up at Malcolm McKinnon Airport in the 60+ years I have lived here. It was a excellent example of the extreme spectrum of life here in America. You have those who travel by private jet…..why should we have to stand in line? why should we be forced to sit in coach with the peasants when 1st class is filled? why fly Delta when my caterer will only work with PrivaJets?

I can understand their travel dilemma, and to top it off, they are gathering here to determine the future direction our country will stumble towards.

These folks need to be pampered the whole time. They must be rested when they arrive. These are some important people. Okay, I give. Who are these fucks?

They are a Republican think tank. They have met on Sea Island before. I believe the last time they were trying to defeat a fellow Republican (?) Donald Trump, as he ran for president. That didn’t go well, did it? They even brought in the Dali Lama as an inspiration. Looks like they’ll have to top that, and with the star-studded roster the new sea island owners employ, the hollywood sky is the limit. Why not Justin Bieber, Cher, Alicia Keys, Bon Jovi, Bruno Mars, John Mellencamp, Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, Taylor Swift………you see where I’m going with this. They breathe another stratosphere over there. Add Republican office-holders, an honor roll of major corporate executives, the best lobbyists money can persuade, and enough funds to pay for it all, and you have the makings of a real gold-flowing mind-altering “hullabalooza.”

Our home islands have become an ET backdrop. Island citizens are pretty much like all US citizens, in the fact that we are basically unpaid extras, adding to the background, but irrelevant to the real show. Like they would ever seek our input…. you know why? It’s because, to them, we are not relevant. Sucks doesn’t it.

Finally, we know what it feels like when the castle royalty parades their festive air  carriages right through the plebes’ and commoners’ neighborhoods on their way across the Sea Island moat, to a most royal soiree. Oh, the festivities we can only imagine. Oh, the country we can only imagine.

Oh, say can you see……or not…..any relevance in that dawn’s early light. It’s time we did.

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