old habits

A vivid memory I maintain of my childhood was an early return trip to Atlanta…probably around 1959. We had moved from Atlanta to St.Simons the previous year and were due a visit with the grandparents and their Flager Avenue home. I don’t remember why, maybe my mother was just showing off, but we took Emma Lee Ramsey, our Island “maid,” with us. Maybe she had … Continue reading old habits

1997 Commentary

    A little over 20 years ago, in a quaint little news publication called “Weekend,” I wrote about auto traffic on the island. I could not, for the life of me, have believed that the problem I wrote about then would have been allowed to escalate, but it, without a doubt, has. A year ago, we got the taste of just how delightful island … Continue reading 1997 Commentary

Dumbing Down the USA

The Dumbing Down of the USA Man, what a slide we are on. I thought that the ridiculous and obviously fixed wrestling matches of the fifties were blatantly a ruse. Choreographed or not, people fell for the trick. They not only truly loved their colorful mat heroes; and they truly hated their cheating, and usually darker-shaded, foreign opponents. No blacks fighting whites… for not only … Continue reading Dumbing Down the USA

Why I Blog

Why do I blog? Why does anyone blog? I have solid reasoning behind blogging. At least in my mind. Here’s why: 1)because I  seemed to always be writing, and sometimes for a living. It was 1955 and I had already written a Spring Street Elementary School “classic”..“How A Rock Becomes Soil.” A crushing story..a passion pit of real dirt…illustrated by the author. Don’t remember how many … Continue reading Why I Blog


  Nothing adds a little zest to life more than a jolt of relevance. Chest swells with relevance. Smiles are wider. Thoughts are calmer. Everything jells. Your life has meaning. Your life has relevance. The young are relevant because their whole world takes in an area not much larger than their aura. Life as they know it, really doesn’t exist outside this spectre-space. The world revolves … Continue reading Relevance